“Achieving Women’s Economic Leadership in Rwanda through Horticulture Planting material Production and Middle range Enterprise Support”

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For the last 4 years DUTERIMBERE ONG and Oxfam Rwanda program have been engaged in promoting Women’s economic empowerment through horticultural planting materials as market based livelihoods. There has also been support to middle range enterprises and Private sector engagements. Adoption of innovative technologies that aim at boasting women leadership at grassroots level in form of value addition processes has been a key strategy in this project. Horticultural production and marketing had been obstructed through unorganized farmer groups, inaccessible or expensive inputs, inappropriate technologies, unreliable markets, uncertified product by Rwanda standards Board, challenges in organic production and Farming, limited access to international markets and investment financing ;

Overall objective:

Scale up and strengthening women’s economic leadership initiatives in horticultural value chain of planting material and middle range enterprise support in Rwanda.