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Role of Project Community facilitators

Project community facilitators have played a great role in engaging women to fully participate in Income generating activities especially through production and sell of Horticulture planting materials. These Volunteers organize and give basic trainings to beneficiaries and work hand in hand with local authorities to deliver the project objectives. The community facilitators obtain full knowledge of the project through the Training of Trainees (TOT) that is conducted prior to activity implementations and by competent facilitators.

The communities have confidence in the volunteers and the project staff monitors them from time to time for support and identifications of any gaps for immediate checks.

Rural women in Rwanda Appreciate technology in Agriculture

Women own and appreciate Technology in Agriculture. Impressive on how rural women in Rwanda are recognized as producers, suppliers/traders and facilitators of horticulture planting materials in Rwanda.

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Establishing Poor Women’s Economic Leadership in

Rwanda’s Horticulture Value Chain

Through Women as the lead suppliers of planting material in the country


The Rwandan rural setting is characterized by extreme land scarcity (average 0.7ha/hh) and limited diversification.