DUTERIMBERE ONG guides the Trocaire Rwanda Country Director and Regional Director to the field in Rulindo District to showcase the achievements of the project implemented in partnership with the 2 institutions

Project Details

Project Description

Since 2017, Duterimbere ONG in partnership with Trocaire is implementing a project titled “Women Economic Empowerment for effective participation in decision making in rural areas of Rwanda Project”. The project is implemented in Rulindo and Gakenke Districts to support vulnerable groups with majority women from the first and second categories of the poverty index.

In order to monitor the achievements/impact of the project, Duterimbere ONG hosted both Trocaire’s Country Director in Rwanda and the Regional Director in charge of Central and West Africa on 18th June 2019.
The field visit focused on economic activities in place including:

  • To know how the methodology of community savings and loan groups commonly known as Voluntary Saving and Loans groups “VSLGs”. How VSLGs operate by visiting Twitezimbere VSLG in Base Sector of Rulindo District in Northern Province of Rwanda;
  • Visit of a group comprising 11 vulnerable young women doing tailoring business supported with sewing machines as start up tool kits to facilitate them in job creation;
  • A woman entrepreneur, divorced with 4 children doing a small business that allows her to meet daily family basic needs. The discussions does not limited only to the achievements but also the vision/future perspective of increasing her business and improving the whole business chain;