At Duterimbere we believe in working with others to achieve enormous impact. We engage with the grass root communities, the Government at district level, Government Ministries and line agencies, other local NGO’s, private sector, international NGO’s and donors. Our current donors include Oxfam, TROCAIRE de la Province de Flandre Orientale, BD and Association modeste Innocent.

We have 30 years of experience in community development work where we have previously and currently partnered with the following agencies in both technical and financial support: Government of Rwanda, Oxfam, Belgium Embassy, and International Alert, UMUBANO de la Province de Flandre Orientale, IFDC, Care International, Handicap International, Trocaire, UNICEF, USAID, SNV Netherlands, ACORD, UNHCR and Women’s World Banking (WWB) among others.