Horticultural development through planting materials: The programme promotes the production of 3 planting materials (pineapple, passion fruit and tree tomato fruit) for horticultural production in 4 districts of Muhanga, Musanze, Nyagatare, and Nyamagabe. In this project, the resource-poor women utilize small plots to earn income within a short period of time using appropriate technologies and limited investment resources.

Use of solar drying in food processing: The programme aims to promote the use of low cost solar renewable energy to replace firewood by SME’s in pineapple processing (drying). The project implemented by 8 farmers in Muhanga and Nyagatare districts.

Enhancing food security through food bulking: The programme aims to shield farmers from market exploitation through harvest financing protection in form of cereal banking during high supply seasons in order to fetch high prices during low supply seasons. The programme is implemented in Muhanga, Ruhango and Huye districts.


Training school youth in enterprise development: The programme aims to build the Technical and vocational training capacity of youth in schools in order to create employment within the community using locally available resources.


Reducing HIV/AIDS incidences among vulnerable poor women: The programme aims to combat HIV/AIDS prevalence among productive vulnerable youth by creating awareness on the spread, prevention and curative measures in Gatsibo, Nyagatare, Muhanga, and Nyarugenge districts. The HIV/AIDS programme has also been mainstreamed in our other projects in Rwanda.


Provision of Market information through ICT system: This project aims to create an avenue where horticulture chain actors access to market information. The system facilitates buyers and sellers to connect via mobile phone service using a short-code system of inquiry on price, quantity and location parameters.

Promoting gender equity in economic development: It has been the core programme of Duterimbere through the promotion of decentralized (solidarity groups) savings and credit but with training entrepreneurship models and advocacy in favor of women with low incomes to set up SME’s. We also promote peacebuilding and conflict management for different target groups in aftermath of Genocide in Gisagara, Ngororero and Gasabo districts.

Emergency response, relief, and rehabilitation: Worked with relief agencies like UNHCR in responding to displaced persons from 1994 Genocide and refugees from Congo internal conflicts in Kigeme and Nkamira camps.